Undercounter Refrigerator

SELLING EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATOR, ICE MAKER & FREEZER | Tomori Refrigerating System provides various types of freezers and for various purposes. Tomori Refrigerating System has been used for various industries and multinational companies in various countries.

DISTRIBUTORS FOR EQUIPMENT OF COOLING MACHINE, ICE MAKER & FREEZER | In Indonesia, Tomori Refrigerating System has proven its reliability, Tomori has been used in mini markets, restaurants, hotels, factories, beverage industries and other industries. Tomori is the best company for quality of various product models such as fridge, freezer, horizontal chest freezer, ordering table freezer, kitchen refrigerator, special-shape fridge, project freezer, tea or medicine fridge, household refrigerator, wine fridge & freezer, and more of 400 other product variants.

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