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Wheel Loader

Specification of Wheel Loader Chenggong CG946G

Selling Wheel Loader CG946G - CEnggong

Selling heavy equipment, heavy equipment, wheel loader, backhoe loader, motor grader - PT. Indotara Persada is a dealer for the CG brand construction equipment for the Indonesian market. CG is a company known as a producer of producer equipment since 1950. With 60 years of solid experience, CG has become a famous producer of world wheels with ISO9001: 2000, CE, Ban III, and Gost certified.

Main Products CG & Nbsp; grouped into three categories: Wheel Loader, Backhoe Loader, and Motor Grader. In addition, we also offer Hydraulic-Torque Converters, Transmissions, Wet Axles, and other related accessories for our products, which are generally used in construction and industrial applications. The CG wheel loader is mainly used to lunch, loading, and carry materials such as soil and stones. can also be used to seapop large stones and soil.


Short working cycle time

Steering Flow Amplification System, Wet Axle

Backward Opening Hood.

Bucket: 2.3M3, Load: 4 tons

Bucket Capacity: 2.3 Cubic Meter

Rated Load Capacity: 4 tons

Operating Weight: 13200kg

Dumping Height: 2895mm

Dumping Distance: 1000mm

Wheelbase: 2900mm

Wheeltread: 2020mm

Rated Engine Power: 128KW /2200RPM

Dimension: 7470x2540x3340 mm


Certification: ISO2000

Main Specification:

1. The 946G Wheel Loader Has Short Working Cycle Time, and Achieves High Efficiency.

2. With the Steering Flow Amplification System, The Wheel Loader Requires Small Operating Force and Has Flexible Steering.

3. The Machine Also Uses the Sound-Performance Working Device, to Enhance the Digging Force, Lenghen the Dumping Reach and Improve the Operation Capacity.

4. Using the wet drive axle with reliable performance, the wheel loader can work under Various Operation Conditions.

5. The streamlined Instrument Desk Facilities operators to see the instrument panel.

6. The Machine Adopts The High-Strength Wear-Resisting Blade for Bucket, And Then The Loader ' S Wearing Resistance is Improved by 3 Times. The Machine Is Also Durable.

7. The Machine Employs The Wear-Resisting Welded-Type Bucket Tooth That Is Made By Using New Materials and Technology.

8. The wheel loader is also equipped with the backward opening hood, and is easy to maintain.

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