Cigar Humidor

Tomori Cigar Humidor is the best cigar storage cabinet product from Tomori. Tomori Cigar Humidor is designed with a very high humidity control feature precision and cabinet internal temperature that is uniform and uniform. Cigar Humidor Tomori with compressor Zanussi (Italy) guaranteed by 1 Year Compressor & 3 Year PCB Control to ensure good quality & reliable products. Be careful when choosing cigar humidor products because the stakes are your priceless cigar collection. The cigar humidor Tomori is designed with a digital controller to ensure reliable performance and humidity control, temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity. Tomori is experienced in cooling devices for 30 years, is a guarantee of certainty for you. Tomori produces the best cigar humidor with continuous R & D and continuous improvement. Cigar Humidor Tomori is mostly used by cigar collectors throughout Indonesia.

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